How to Remove Moped Muffler Restrictors

by Sam Surgalski
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Mopeds are quickly becoming one of the best ways to travel. Whether it's just around town, or across town, either way, you can get there on a moped. Unfortunately, due to state regulations, many mopeds are restricted in more ways than one. This can reduce acceleration, top speed and horsepower on your scooter. If you would like to make your moped both a quicker and a faster ride, you can remove these restrictions holding the engine back from its full potential. Learn how to remove them from the muffler.

Step 1

Remove the nuts and bolts holding the exhaust pipe to the moped.

Step 2

Grind off the bolt heads holding the muffler flange to the muffler pipe. Grinding these off will reveal the actual bolt heads, which you will be able to remove with a wrench to separate the two muffler pieces.

Step 3

If there is a little pipe extending past your muffler pipe, cut it off using a sawsall. Be sure to leave about 1 inch of metal protruding from the side of the muffler--you will need this to crimp the muffler pipe closed. Note: Only certain moped companies include this little pipe. Do not mistake this little pipe for the main muffler.

Step 4

Cut off the now-exposed restrictor coming out of the flange part of the muffler. The restrictor will look like a little pipe coming out of the section that you just removed the bolts from. File any burrs on the pipe that you just cut off, and be sure to remove any metal chips inside the pipe before placing the mufflers back together.

Step 5

Place the 1 inch of metal protruding from the side of the flange into your vise, and crimp it closed. Take your hammer, and hammer the crimped metal to the side of the muffler. You may want to also take a grinder to smooth the whole crimp over.

Step 6

Place the flange and the main muffler pipe back together, and put your new nuts and bolts into the muffler. Replace the unrestricted muffler back onto your moped.

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