How to Replace the Muffler on an Acura Integra

by Editorial Team

Sold as a Honda in most parts of the world, but sold as the Acura Integra in the U.S. was only available from 1986-2001. This sporty car was mostly sold as a hatchback and was meant to compete with other compact of the time. Doing the easier repairs, such as replacing a bad muffler can save you money. If you hear noises coming from this part, then consider replacing it.

Step 1

Crawl under the car and check to see if the muffler has a welded installation or a clamped installation. A clamped installation will have bolts that hold the muffler in place. A welded installation will not have any bolts.

Step 2

Remove the bolts with the screwdriver or wrench if the muffler is clamped on. If you are unfortunate enough to have a welded muffler, purchase an exhaust cutting tool or a blow torch to remove it.

Step 3

Position yourself under car to replace the muffler. You may want to place a piece of cardboard or an old blanket on the ground so that you are not lying on the ground. You do not need to use jacks to replace the muffler.

Step 4

Remove the old muffler from the car. You can simply bang it off of the car using a sledge hammer. You can also use a hand saw to remove it if necessary.

Step 5

Compare the old tail pipe with the new one. You may have to saw off some of the tail pipe so that it closely measures about the same as the old one. You don't want your tail pipe sticking out too far.

Step 6

Install the new muffler on your Acura Integra. Line it up straight with the clamps and then tighten the bolts to hold it in place. The bolts shouldn't be too tight-you want the muffler to move slightly to prevent damage.

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