How to Stop a Motorcycle From Backfiring

by Editorial Team

Riding your motorcycle in the open air is a thrill for motorcycle enthusiasts. The thrill of riding your motorcycle is lessened somewhat if your motorcycle tends to backfire. The backfiring of the motorcycle is a signal that something isn't quite right. Use the following suggestions to pin down your problem areas so that you can stop your motorcycle from backfiring.

Step 1

Use a higher-grade fuel for a while to help clean your fuel tank. You may have ended up with a tank of dirty gas that's causing some problems with your fuel injection.

Step 2

Buy a can of fuel-injection cleaner that goes into your gas tank. This will clean out debris and dirt from the tank that's getting into your fuel line. Check with your motorcycle owner's manual or the manufacturer's recommendations to make sure this is safe for your particular motorcycle.

Step 3

Check to see if the jets are clogged with debris or thick "gunk" that's causing your motorcycle to backfire. This will also cause problems with the fuel efficiently getting through the engine.

Step 4

Take a close look to see if you have a dirty carburetor. The fuel will not be able to run efficiently through the engine with a dirty carburetor.

Step 5

Visit your favorite motorcycle mechanic for an evaluation of the backfiring situation. Your motorcycle may need a complete engine cleaning to solve the backfiring problem.

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