How to Make My Honda Metropolitan II Go Faster

by Justin Wash
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The Metropolitan II scooter is an option for the thrifty, the fuel conserving, and those who want to travel and commute in style. The scooter's 49cc stock engine propels the rider forward at up to 35 mph, a fine speed for cruising five or six miles at a time. But taking longer rides on a bike so small can lead to dangerous moments, as being the smallest, slowest thing on the road is rarely an advantage. A relatively simple procedure can have you riding at speeds up to 49 mph, resulting in a much safer, worry-free ride.

Step 1

Use your key to open the seat of your scooter. Use a combination or socket wrench to remove the bolts that hold the plastic seat lining in place. Pull the lining out of the scooter's frame.

Step 2

Locate the carburetor and the bolts that hold the carburetor in place on the cylinder head. Remove these bolts with a long socket and pull the carburetor away from the cylinder head.

Step 3

Remove the restrictor plate (the thin piece of metal with a slot in it) that resides between the carburetor and cylinder head. If the scooter is ridden often, this plate may be stuck to one surface or the other. In this case, simply use a screwdriver or other wedge-like object to pry it loose.

Step 4

Bolt the carburetor back into place on the cylinder head using a long socket. Be sure the bolts are tight to ensure there will not be any fuel leaks between the carburetor and the cylinder head.

Step 5

Replace the plastic under-seat cover and the seat and take your scooter out for a test ride. You should notice slightly increased performance up hills and a higher top speed on flat ground.

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