How do I Pimp Out a Honda Accord?

by Krista Martin
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A pimped-out Honda Accord is one that pulls out all the stops to get noticed. A pimped-out car usually features modifications that enhance the vehicle's main appearance -- exterior and interior. Pimped-out cars attract a lot of attention not only because they are so different from other vehicles on the road, but also because the cost associated with modifying the car is usually high and requires a lot of professional experience to install.

Step 1

Install halogen bulbs in your Honda's headlights. Halogen bulbs are relatively cheap but can give your Honda a more "pimped-out" look. Halogen bulbs produce a crisp, clear blue light, rather than the pale yellow lights featured on most cars. Halogen lights will make your car stand out at night.

Step 2

Touch up the paint on the car and sand down any cracks and chipped or peeled paint. The idea is to make the Honda body of the car appear as sleek and smooth as possible, with no evidence of flaws.

Step 3

Clean and wax your car regularly. A shiny car looks more new and polished than a dirty car. The shinier your car looks, the more pimped out it will appear. Keeping the interior clean will also add to the pimped-out look.

Step 4

Add designer decals with unique graphics to put your personal stamp on the pimped-out car. Decals can be custom made to your preferences, and almost any image can be imprinted onto a decal that is smoothed onto the side of your Honda's body.

Step 5

Install a personalized license plate or insert the plate into a personalized frame. You can include part of your name or nickname, or another cool phrase or abbreviation onto your plate number. This will require going to your local department of motor vehicles and you may have to pay a small fee, but the personalized plate name will make your car stand out to whoever is driving behind you.

Step 6

Tint your windows. Tinted windows create a dramatic effect and are associated with luxury and privacy.

Step 7

Don't ignore the steering wheel. There are plenty of ways to vamp up your steering wheel. You can install a new steering wheel or just a custom cover to hide the cracks and signs of wear and tear in the previous one. Part of pimping out your car is giving it a new feel and look.

Step 8

Have a subwoofer installed into your car stereo. The bass and stereo system will sound the arrival of a pimped-out car to drivers well before you arrive. Although you can install an entirely new stereo, a subwoofer installation is relatively affordable and will produce similar results.

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