Pros & Cons of Performance Chips

by Lana Bradstream
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A performance chip is a chip that causes your vehicle to drive faster and smoother with more torque. You can purchase a performance chip for every brand of vehicle.


As the name of the chip suggests, if you install one in your vehicle, your car will have increased performance. It will drive faster and smoother.


Unfortunately, with increased performance, comes increased wear and tear under the hood. Over time, a performance chip, especially if it is not installed properly, can severely damage your transmission.


A good performance chip will increase the mileage your car gets. A chip can do this by altering your car's fuel mixture. It also alters the air mixture in your engine. When you combine the two alterations together, you will get more miles to the gallon.


Purchase a high quality performance chip for your vehicle. Many are cheaply made and cause damage. Also, check out the warranty on your vehicle and see if a performance chip will void the warranty.

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