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How Can I Make My Golf Cart Idle?

by Tammy Bronson

One of the safety features on a golf cart is cutting out the engine when the gas pedal is not in use. Many golf enthusiasts understand the importance of this safety feature. However, those who use a golf cart for purposes other than golfing may view it as unimportant. Security guards at airports who shuttle passengers back and forth, for example, have no need to have the engine shut off. Having the golf cart idle makes their job faster and easier. Remove the speed governor to shut this safety feature off on a golf cart.

Step 1

Find the throttle cable on the golf cart. The throttle cable runs from the gas pedal to the throttle valve on the engine. Lift the seat to find the throttle cable.

Step 2

Take an open-end wrench and remove the nut connecting the throttle cable to the throttle valve on the valve body of the engine.

Step 3

Elevate the gas pedal to find the throttle cable connection. Use an open-end wrench to remove the throttle cable. Go back to the valve body on the engine and remove the throttle cable by pulling the cable from that direction.

Step 4

Look for a relay switch that closes when the golf cart accelerates on the throttle cable. Remove this relay switch with a flathead screwdriver.

Step 5

Thread the throttle cable back in place from the gas pedal to the throttle valve body on the engine. Push the throttle cable toward the throttle valve body on the engine from the gas pedal position.

Screw the throttle cable back in place on both the gas pedal and the throttle valve body on the engine. The golf cart will idle rather than shut off.


  • Make sure you tell people before they drive the golf cart that you removed the safety feature.


  • The relay on the throttle valve is a safety feature in place to prevent accidents. Use care and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Any change in the manufacturer specifications on the golf cart can invalidate any warranty given at the time of purchase.

Items you will need

  • Open-end wrench
  • Flathead screwdriver

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