How to Clean an EGR Valve for a Monte Carlo SS

by Johnathan Cronk

The exhaust gas recirculation valve on the Monte Carlo SS is an important component. The valve, commonly called the EGR valve, controls the exhaust that enters the engine's intake manifold. Once the exhaust enters the manifold, the exhaust is then cooled, preventing the Monte Carlo from overheating. It's important to keep the valve running properly and clean because if it fails to work properly, the vehicle can overheat causing damage to the engine and surrounding components. Keeping the valve clean will also maintain the efficiency of your vehicle.

Place the Monte Carlo SS in "Park" and give the vehicle twenty minutes to cool down.

Locate the EGR valve under the hood of the Monte Carlo. The valve is located on the engine intake manifold and is a small, circular valve.

Use a socket wrench to loosen and remove each of the bolts surrounding the valve, holding it in place. Lift the valve off the manifold, once all bolts are removed. The valve may require a bit of force to remove, especially if there is a lot of carbon build up.

Spray carburetor cleaner on the outside of the valve and also inside the valve itself. Spray cleaner on the valve mount as well. Allow the cleaner to sit for three to five minutes, giving the cleaner time to dissolve built-up carbon. Clean the valve and valve mount using a wire brush and rag.

Place the valve back onto the intake manifold and replace each bolt. Use the socket wrench to tighten and secure the bolts ensuring the valve is securely in place. Close the hood of the Monte Carlo SS.

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