The Best Way to Keep My Scooter From Being Stolen

by Trey Johnson
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With the rising price of gas and the expansion of eco-consciousness, people are ditching their gas-guzzlers and hopping on scooters. Scooters are a fun and economical method of transportation but their small size and mobility can make securing them difficult. There are several steps you can take to prevent your scooter from being stolen, damaged or vandalized and they are all relatively easy and economical.

Step 1

Carefully choose the place you park and store your scooter. Avoid areas of high crime if possible and select locations that are well-lit with moderate foot traffic.

Step 2

Lock the steering column if your scooter is equipped with this feature. This mechanism can prevent someone from pushing your scooter down the street. However, if your scooter is light, or if there is more than one person taking it, they can just lift the front wheel to defeat the steering column lock.

Step 3

Secure your scooter to an immovable object with a heavy-duty lock and chain. Good objects to use are light poles and bike racks. Do not use objects that are short because thieves can lift your scooter over these objects and avoid structures that can easily be cut down such as street signs.

Step 4

When locking your scooter remove as much slack from the chain as possible and always secure locks with the key hole pointing down. This reduces access to lock pickers and also cuts down on the amount of leverage a would-be thief can gain to break your lock.

Step 5

Use a secondary locking mechanism such as a disc lock or throttle lock. The more difficult your scooter appears to be for a thief, the more likely he is to find a different victim.

Step 6

Consider purchasing a scooter alarm system if the area you live in has a history of scooter theft. These alarms may be motion activated or tilt activated. Several models feature remote notification that will alert you if someone is tampering with your scooter.

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