How to Work Hyundai Auto Locks

by Shanan Miller
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Hyundai's auto locks, also knows as power door locks, are a convenience feature offered in some models. The feature allows you to access or secure your vehicle without having to manually lock or unlock each door individually. The power door locks may come with a key fob, a small remote that has one-touch automatic locking and unlocking properties. The fob also sets the passive alarm, if equipped. Some key fobs also open the trunk or unlock the hatch for easy access.

Step 1

Look on your driver's side door to determine if your Hyundai has the power-lock feature. You should see a single button with a picture of a traditional lock---one side has the lock pictured in its unlocked state while the other side shows it in a locked position. The button is located on the drivers's side door and sometimes also on the passenger's side door, depending on the model.

Step 2

Press the unlock picture to automatically unlock your doors with the touch of a button. Press the other side of the control to lock. Depending on the model, you may have to press the buttons twice to lock or unlock the doors, trunk and hatch. Sit inside the car and practice to determine how many times you need to press the button to perform the desired function.

Step 3

Use your key fob to lock and unlock the vehicle. You should see a minimum of two buttons on the device. Hyundai key fobs feature the same lock symbols as the vehicle's power lock buttons and most also feature a red alarm button for panic situations.

Step 4

Stand outside of your vehicle with the key fob and all doors closed. Press the lock button once---you should hear all doors lock. Press the fob again. If you hear a "beep," your vehicle has a passive alarm that you can set with the key fob. Get in the habit of pressing the lock button two times to engage your alarm and secure your car.

Step 5

Press the unlock button to unlock the driver's side door---you should hear only the driver's side door unlock. Hit the button again to unlock the other doors and hatch. If you see a trunk symbol on your key fob, press it to open the trunk.

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