How to Get a Viper Remote to Open a Garage Door

by Patrick Nelson
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Car alarm manufacturer Viper sells a two-way garage door interface that allows you to use the keychain remote that you use to control your car alarm to open and close your garage door or gate, if your remote has the option. The system has a high level of encryption to keep what Viper calls "Hot Prowl" criminals from using code-grabber devices to get into your garage. The device works with most garage doors.

Step 1

Take a look at your key chain remote and look for a button marked "AUX." If your key chain has this button, you can use it to operate a Viper 519H2 garage door.

Step 2

Purchase the Viper 519H2 kit and have it installed by a Viper dealer. Self-installation of Viper alarms voids the warranty.

Step 3

Press the "AUX" button in the vicinity of your garage, and the door will open.

Step 4

Press "AUX" again and the door will close. If the installer has programmed it, the door will automatically close after sixty minutes. You can use this feature for ventilation.

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