How to Replace a Battery on a Viper Remote

by Thomas McNish
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Keyless entry technology is something many car owners take for granted. The problem is, when you buy keyless entry remotes for your car, the batteries are usually already placed within the device, so when they die, you don't have any experience installing or removing them. Fortunately, with the right knowledge, this can be a relatively quick and pain-free process.

Step 1

Take your Viper remote off of its key ring.

Step 2

Use a coin to prop the remote open. Depending on which model of remote you have for your Viper, there may be a different method for doing this. Some will have a groove on the back where you insert a coin and twist it to open the remote, while others will have a groove in the bottom corner, where you can insert a coin to split the two halves of the remote from each other.

Step 3

Remove the batteries from your remote and observe the markings engraved in them. This will tell you the type of battery you need to buy from your local electronic store (or any store that sells watch batteries). Bring them into the store with you and show an employee if you can't read the engravings yourself.

Step 4

Put the new batteries into their respective places, put the remote back together, and place it back onto your key chain. Press the appropriate buttons to lock and unlock your car to test it and make sure it's working.

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