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How to Program a Remote for an STS Cadillac

by Kenneth W. Michael Wills

The Cadillac STS luxury sedan offers a combination of power and performance. Convenience features include Onstar, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation and keyless entry to name a few. In order to use the keyless entry feature, customers must have a programmed remote. Cadillac provides instructions for programming in the STS owner's manual. STS owners in the United States may conduct the procedure with or without a programmed remote, but those in Canada must have two programmed remotes or otherwise proceed to a dealership for programming.

With One Programmed Remote

Step 1

Turn off your vehicle and make sure you have all remotes with you, including the programmed remote and all new remotes. If you are in Canada, you will need two programmed remotes.

Step 2

Put your vehicle key into the driver's-side door lock and rotate the key to the "Unlock" position five times in five seconds.

Step 3

Look inside your vehicle at the Driver Information Center (DIC). You will see a display indicating entry into FOB mode, reading "Ready for FOB 2, 3 or 4". You can only program up to four remotes.

Step 4

Open your center console and locate the transmitter pocket. Make sure the transmitter buttons face the front of the vehicle. The pocket is in the back corner on the console near the passenger side. Wait for the beeping sound to signify your remote programming.

Take the remote out of the transmitter pocket and press the "Unlock" key twice to complete the programming. For additional remotes repeat Step 4, remove each remote and press the "Unlock" button twice. Complete the programming by pressing the "ACC" option on your ignition switch.

Without a Programmed Remote

Step 1

Turn off your vehicle and insert your remote in the remote transmitter pocket located in the center console with the buttons facing the front.

Step 2

Put your key in the door lock and rotate the key to the "Unlock" position five times in five seconds. Look at your DIC and it will display "OFF/ACC TO LEARN".

Step 3

Press the "ACC" button on your ignition switch. Your DIC will prompt you to wait ten minutes, after which the DIC will read "OFF/ACC TO LEARN". Press the "ACC" button on your ignition switch again. Repeat this process three times.

Listen for a beep; when you hear the beep the DIC will read, "FOB Ready for #2". Remove your remote from the transmitter pocket and press the "Unlock" button twice to complete programming and insert a new remote. Begin again from Step 8 in the previous section with the new remote.


  • If your remote's battery is weak, the DIC will not detect your remote. You will need to change your battery and in the meantime use another remote. If you do not have another remote, put your remote in the transmitter pocket with buttons facing the front of the vehicle. Put your car in "Park" or "Neutral", press the brake pedal and start your vehicle.

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