How to Program a Key for a Ford Freestar

by Matthew Fortuna

A popular automobile introduced by Ford in 2004, the Freestar includes wireless key remotes as one of their common aftermarket options. These key remotes are a type of electronic key that must be programmed to the car, serving as a security measure against theft. Useful for remotely locking and unlocking doors as well, the keys are initially programmed at the dealership with the car. In the event you have to purchase a new key remote or reprogram one, you can bypass the dealership fees by doing it at home in minutes as long as you still have one working key.

Step 1

Place a working key into the ignition of your Freestar and cycle the ignition to "Run" and then back to "Off." Notice that the "Run" position is only two clicks forward, not all the way to starting your ignition.

Step 2

Remove the working key and quickly insert your new key to be programmed.

Step 3

Turn the new key two clicks to the "Run" position, let it sit for 5 seconds, then cycle it back to the "Off" position again.

Step 4

Wait for the security light on your Freestar to activate and turn back off to indicate that the programming was successful. Your key is now ready for use.

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