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How to Program the Keyless Entry for a Pontiac

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Pontiac has a long history dating back to 1907. Although GM dropped the brand in 2009, enthusiasts will remember Pontiac for classic cars such as the GTO and the Firebird. Later model Pontiacs, like their General Motors counterparts, were often equipped with keyless entry. Most Pontiac keyless entry remotes, such as the Grand Am, Grand Prix, G6 and Solstice, must be programmed by the dealer. However, some Pontiac vehicles have customer-programmable keyless remotes.

Pontiac Aztek

Step 1

Close all of your Aztek's doors. Press and hold the "Unlock" button on your driver's side door control panel. Continue to hold it until instructed otherwise.

Step 2

Insert your key into the ignition, but do not turn it. Remove the key, and then insert it again. Remove it, and then insert it a final time and leave it in the ignition.

Step 3

Release the Unlock button on the control panel. You will hear a warning chime, signaling that you have entered programming mode.

Press and hold the Unlock and Lock buttons on your keyless entry for 30 seconds. When you hear a warning chime, the remote is programmed.

Pontiac Firebird (1998 to 2002)

Step 1

Open the interior fuse compartment door. Examine the diagram on the back to find the fuse labeled Radio. Remove this fuse from its slot.

Step 2

Insert your key into the ignition. Turn the key quickly from Off to Run three times within five seconds. Stop in Run. Listen for the doors to lock to signal that you are in programming mode.

Step 3

Press and hold the Unlock and Lock buttons on your keyless entry for 15 seconds. When the doors lock, then unlock, the remote is programmed. Repeat the procedure for additional remotes.

Turn the engine off. Reinsert the fuse labeled Radio into the appropriate slot.

Pontiac Montana

Step 1

Open the interior fuse box cover. Locate and remove the fuse labeled BCM PRGRM. Make sure all of the doors, including the rear liftgate, are closed.

Step 2

Insert your key and turn it to accessory mode, and then immediately turn it off and back to accessory mode. Open your driver side door, and then shut it immediately. Listen for the chime to confirm that you are in programming mode.

Step 3

Press and hold Unlock and Lock on the keyless remote for approximately 15 seconds. You will hear two chimes--one approximately every eight seconds. Release the buttons.

Remove the key from the ignition. Reinsert the fuse into its slot.

Pontiac Torrent

Step 1

Insert your key and turn it to On without starting the engine. Press the "i" button on your driver control center, until Relearn Remote Keys appears.

Step 2

Press the Se button on your control center--the display will change to Remote Learning Active.

Press and hold the Unlock and Lock buttons on the keyless entry for approximately 15 seconds. When the chime sounds, the remote is programmed.


  • The keyless remotes for Pontiac vehicles are not compatible with other vehicles and vice versa. The remote you are attempting to program must be specifically for the Pontiac vehicle. If you have trouble programming a remote, pull it apart and replace the battery.

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