How to Tow a Honda Civic With a Dolly

by Justin Cupler
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There are many reasons to tow a Honda Civic on a tow dolly. A tow dolly is designed to pull a vehicle behind another vehicle with the idle wheels -- non-driving wheels -- on the the ground and the driving wheels off the ground. Some vehicles require a long process to prepare the vehicle for towing on a dolly. The Civic, however, has a very straightforward towing process when using a dolly and requires no special preparation.

Step 1

Park the tow dolly and the Civic on a flat surface. Position the Civic about 8 to 10 feet behind the rear of the dolly.

Step 2

Grab the dolly's ramps and pull them outward until they are fully extended and lay them on the ground.

Step 3

Enter the Civic and start the ignition.

Step 4

Place the vehicle in "Drive" for automatic or "First Gear" if operating a standard transmission and slowly drive towards the ramps, using your assistant to guide you.

Step 5

Continue driving up the ramps, with the guidance of your assistant.

Step 6

Stop the Civic when your guide tells you that you have reached the dolly's platform, the area where the car's front wheels set in.

Step 7

Place the Civic in "Neutral," set the parking brake, turn the ignition off and exit the Civic.

Step 8

Place the dolly's ratcheting straps over the Civic's wheels, as instructed in the dolly's instructions. Tighten the straps using the ratchets until the vehicle's front wheels are secure.

Step 9

Remove the key from the Civic's ignition, place the Civic's gear selector in "Park" if equipped with an automatic or "First" if equipped with a manual transmission and release the parking brake.

Step 10

Accelerate and stop slowly and evenly, as hard acceleration or braking can cause damage to the towing vehicle.

Step 11

Negotiate tight turns carefully, as the tow dolly will take turns slightly tighter than the towing vehicle. Pay close attention to your side view mirrors when in tight turns.

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