How to Tow a Toyota Corolla

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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The Corolla is a popular compact car sold by Toyota Motor Company since 1966. According to Toyota's website, the Corolla is the best-selling model vehicle of all time. The Corolla can be towed either for short distances or long distances, providing that some essential precautions are taken.

Step 1

Make sure the vehicle you are towing the Corolla with can handle the load. The 2009 Toyota Corolla has a curb weight of around 2800 pounds. As a general rule, trucks and SUVs perform better for towing. Check your vehicle's towing capacity to make sure it can handle the Corolla's weight.

Step 2

Follow the specific tow dolly instructions to hook up your Corolla. All Corollas manufactured since 1988 are front-wheel drive vehicles. Hook the Corolla up at the front wheels to prepare for towing. Attach the electrical connections supplied with the tow dolly. Make sure the lights are working properly.

Step 3

Make sure the vehicle is locked up and the parking brake is not engaged. Check the alignment on the tow dolly to make sure it has a good connection with the front wheels. Perform a test by towing the Corolla in an area free of other vehicles, such as a parking lot. If something is not hooked up right, it's better to find out in a parking lot than on the highway.

Step 4

Stop frequently to check the operation of the tow lights. Inspect the Corolla's tires to make sure they aren't going flat or overheating. Overheating tires could mean the brakes are dragging, which can destroy your braking system on long trips.

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