How to Pass the Oklahoma Driving Test

by Editorial Team

To pass the Oklahoma driving test, you must prove to the examiner you can drive safely on the highways and streets. Before attempting to pass this test, be sure to have many hours of practice behind the wheel of a vehicle. Before the driving test, you must have passed the vision screening and the written test. Here are some tips to assist you in passing the Oklahoma driving test.

Step 1

Know the laws and procedures involving the handling of a vehicle according to the Oklahoma Driver's Manual. Knowing the speed limits for driving in residential areas is very important.

Step 2

Practice driving as often as possible. Remember, even when practicing to drive, you must do this legally. You must have a permit and a licensed driver over the age of 21 in the front seat with you when you are driving.

Step 3

Bring a vehicle for the driving test. The vehicle must have proof of liability insurance, have a valid inspection certificate and pass inspection by the examiner before the driving test is given.

Step 4

Follow the examiner's instructions. The examiner will not try to trick you by asking you to do anything that is against the law. Listen carefully so you can follow his directions.

Step 5

Control your vehicle safely and appropriately.

Step 6

Perform basic maneuvers such as turning, backing up and parallel parking to name a few.

Step 7

Use signals properly. Know when you should turn on your signal before you turn.

Step 8

Understand and obey all traffic markings, signals and signs posted.

Step 9

Drive in the proper lane and follow the right-of-way rules as directed in the driver manual.

Step 10

Observe and respond to other vehicles and pedestrians that may be on the street with you as you drive.

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