Scooter Wheelie Tutorial

by Tyson Simmons
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While having relatively weak acceleration power compared to their motorcycle counterparts, most scooters have the advantage of being extremely light. A skilled scooter rider can execute wheelies much like they are executed on a full-fledged motorcycle.

Step 1

Drive the scooter to an area with a flat, inclined area of pavement. You will need the incline to help you get the front tire of the scooter off the ground.

Step 2

Begin driving uphill on the incline and hit the throttle as hard as possible. It may take several seconds for you to start to feel a strong amount of acceleration.

Step 3

Slide as far back on the scooter seat as you possibly can. Make sure your feet are still securely placed on the foot pegs.

Step 4

Pull up on the handlebars and lean back. Let the front of the scooter come up slowly. Don't lean or pull to hard, which will put you at risk of over-wheeling. Keep your right foot ready at the brake. If you get out of control, you can gently tap on the brake to cause the nose of the scooter to point toward the ground.

Step 5

Give a steady feed of throttle as the nose of the scooter rises to the peak needed for your wheelie. Make sure you keep your balance, as it is easy to totter one way or the other. Keeping a stiff hold on the handlebars with your arms up can help you remain balanced.

Step 6

When you are ready to end the wheelie, lean forward gently and, if needed, tap on the rear brake of the scooter. When the nose of the scooter touches down, give a small twist of the throttle to get back to speed and regain your full balance.

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