Yamaha RT100 Specs

by Lynn Rademacher
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The Yamaha RT100 is a dirt bike that was built for younger riders that are just entering the world of off-road riding. The handlebars of the 2000 Yamaha RT100 are kept simple, with only the hand brake assemblies mounted. Young riders can develop their riding skills on this midsized bike without being over-challenged by the effort to keep the bike under control. The bike had an MSRP of $2,049 when it was first released.

Engine and Transmission

A 97cc engine powers the Yamaha RT100 over the jumps and flat areas. The engine is a two stroke engine with a 6.7:1 compression ratio. The 5-speed transmission of the Yamaha RT 100 is manual, with a foot clutch to change gears. A chain is used to move the gears in the final drive assembly. The fuel tank of the Yamaha RT100 holds 1.3 gallons of gas.

Suspension and Brakes

The brakes on the Yamaha RT100 dirt bike are drum brakes on both the front and rear wheels. The front end suspension is made of a telescopic fork and has up to 4.3 inches of travel to absorb shock and prevent the rider's arms from receiving the jolts. The rear suspension consists of twin shocks on either side of the rear wheel. The shocks are able to move up to 3.2 inches to provide control and handling to the rider.


The Yamaha RT100 dirt bike is not a lightweight. Weighing in at 161 lbs., this bike is heavy enough to challenge young riders but still remain within control. The bike is 70 inches long from the end of the front fender to the end of the rear fender. The handlebars of the Yamaha RT100 stand at 38 inches from the ground. The top of the seat is 28.7 inches from the ground. The rider of the Yamaha RT100 has almost 8 inches of ground clearance. Sharp turns and switchbacks can be performed easily with the bikes's 6.9 inch wheelbase.

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