Honda CT 90 Specs

by Lynn Rademacher

The Honda CT 90 was Honda's first dual sport motorcycle. The CT 90 was designed to be able to travel in either off-road or on-road conditions. The Honda CT 90 bikes had a unique exhaust system which allowed the exhaust to be swept up above the bike frame before leaving the bike. This unique system allowed the bike to drive through water that would cover the engine but because the exhaust was above water level no damage would occur. This design was approved by the U.S. Department of Forestry.


The engine of the CT 90 is a single-cylinder engine. The design of the Honda CT 90 engine is unique as the cylinder is almost horizontal to the ground. The transmission of the engine was a four-speed manual transmission.According to Honda the lower gears of the CT 90 have exceptional climbing power and are effective for off-road terrain or steep terrain. The higher speeds of the CT 90 are designed for cruising over smooth surfaces such as gravel roads or pavement. The top cruising speed of the Honda CT 90 is 50 to 55 mph.


The front suspension of the Honda CT 90 is a bottom link suspension system. There is very little travel allowed in the front suspension and riders may experience arm fatigue as most of the shock from the bike is absorbed by the rider. The rear suspension of the Honda CT 90 consists of shock absorbers on either side of the wheel. The rear suspension does not provide much travel for the absorbing of shock and heavier riders may feel the suspension hit the bottom of the travel path.


The Honda CT 90 was not a large bike. It was built for utilitarian uses not speed or long-distance riding. The CT 90 was 71 inches long from the tip of the front fender to the end of the rear fender. The bike was 26 inches wide and 39 inches high from the ground to the top of the handle bars. Larger riders may find the Honda CT 90 uncomfortable. The bike weighed only 179 lb when dry. Gas mileage was an area that CT 90 riders could boast about. The bike is recorded to get 175 miles per gallon, but it's important to note that mileage rating was recorded with the bike operating in the lower gears.

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