The Engine Specifications for a Honda D17A2

by Andrew Cohen

The Honda Motor Company has been making engines since 1948. The Honda D17A2 was originally produced for 2001 and later models of the Civic EX, and it is highly sought-after by car enthusiasts and tuners.

Engine Specifications

The Honda D17A2 is a 1,668 cubic centimeter, in-line, four-cylinder engine. The bore cylinder has a diameter of 75 mm and a piston shaft length of 94.4 mm.

Performance Specifications

The D17A2 is capable of producing 127 horsepower at 6,300 rpm. The torque rating of this engine is 114 foot-pounds at 4,400 rpm. The engines compression ratio is 9.9 to 1.

Other Specifications

The fuel control system on the Honda D17A2 is a single overhead camshaft that contains four valves per cylinder. The D17A2 also features a variable valve timing and lift electronic control valvetrain system, otherwise known as VTEC. Honda developed the VTEC system to improve the volumetric efficiency of their four-stroke internal combustion engines.

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