How to Ride a Four-Wheeler

by Jenny Carver

Riding a four-wheeler is different from riding any other type of vehicle. Riding a four-wheeler can be for fun, work or recreational activities. Many hunters use four-wheelers to get farther into the woods where trucks cannot go. Others ride four-wheelers to haul and pull things. Four-wheelers are also fun to ride in the mud, at the beach and in fields. Safety procedures should be followed when riding a four-wheeler, as the vehicles can be dangerous if used improperly.

Automatic Four-Wheeler

Step 1

Put the key into the ignition and start the four-wheeler. Check the gas gauge to make sure the four-wheeler has enough gas.

Step 2

Push the gas, either with your thumb on the handle or with your foot on the pedal. Keep it slow until you get the hang of things.

Step 3

Turn the four-wheeler left or right by turning the handlebars in the desired direction. Turning too quickly while going fast can make you slide off of the seat. Be careful when driving fast. Turning while driving very slow (less than 2 mph) can make the handlebars difficult to turn. Speed up slightly to make sharp turns easier.

Press and hold the brake to stop completely. Press the brakes slightly to decelerate.

Manual Four-Wheeler

Step 1

Place the key into the ignition and start the four wheeler. Check the gas gauge. Place your foot under the clutch (located on the left side of the four-wheeler near the foot rest), and pull up on it once, then let up and place your foot back on the foot rest. This puts you in first gear. Press the gas and start moving.

Step 2

Let off of the gas for only a second while pulling up on the clutch again, putting you into second gear. Resume pressing the gas. Repeat this step for each higher gear as you accelerate more.

Step 3

Step down on the clutch once to decelerate to one gear lower. Each time you step on the clutch, the transmission shifts down one gear, causing the four-wheeler to slow down.

Stop the four-wheeler by decelerating down to first gear, and then step down once again to reach neutral. Press the brake to stop completely.

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