How to Shift a Yamaha R6

by Sam Grover

Like most motorcycles, the Yamaha R6 has a manual transmission. This means that driving it is not just a matter of pressing the accelerator, but involves using the clutch correctly and shifting up or down as needed. This is more difficult to learn than driving an automatic transmission is, but it ultimately gives you more control over your motorcycle's speed and acceleration. It also forces you to concentrate more, which makes driving safer.

Step 1

Find the clutch. This is on your left handlebar.

Step 2

Turn the R6 on with the clutch pressed in.

Step 3

Find the gear shift pedal. It is near your left foot when you are sitting on the bike.

Step 4

Press the gear shift pedal until you can't anymore. This will put it in first gear.

Step 5

Slowly release the clutch until you feel the engine start to make a slightly different noise. This is clutch "catching," and the transmission connecting to the engine.

Step 6

Smoothly turn the accelerator as you finish releasing the clutch. The bike will start to move forward.

Step 7

Press the clutch in and release the accelerator once you are moving fast enough. This will be soon--first gear is a high-acceleration, low top-speed gear.

Step 8

Hook your foot under the gear pedal and pull it up. This will shift you into second gear.

Step 9

Continue this process through all six of the R6's gears.

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