How to Adjust the Clutch on My Ford F-100

by Robert Bayly

The Ford F-100 half-ton pickup was produced from 1953 to 1983 and was available in both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models. All versions of the F-100 use a mechanical linkage to engage and disengage the clutch. In order to adjust the clutch you will have to raise the front of the F-100 off the ground but that's actually the hardest part. After you have the F-100 in the air you should have your clutch adjusted in about 10 minutes.

Step 1

Park the F-100 on a paved, level surface. Set the parking brake.

Step 2

Raise the front of the F-100 with a jack and support with jack stands.

Step 3

Move underneath the transmission area. You will see a threaded rod that connects the clutch pedal pivot arm to to throwout bearing lever. Use a wrench to hold the hex shaped end of the rod and use another wrench to loosen the locknut.

Step 4

Turn the hex shaped end of the rod to make the rod shorter or longer as needed to obtain a clutch pedal free play movement of about one inch. This means the clutch pedal will move about one inch before there is any resistance in the pedal. Resistance is felt when the throwout bearing is pushed against the clutch pressure plate. Once the proper distance is set, tighten the lock nut.

Step 5

Raise the front of the F-100, remove the jack stands and lower it to the ground.

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