Turning Tips for Motor Scooters

by Nida Rasheed
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It is important that you learn the skills of turning the motor scooter perfectly so that the ride is safe and enjoyable. It is dangerous to drive motor scooters when you don't know how to turn the machine effectively through bends and curves. The turning of motor scooters improves with practice, but a few tips and tricks can help teach you the critical skills of riding a motor scooter.


Turning a motor scooter is very different from turning a car or a jeep and you have to know the art of leaning a scooter in order to change its direction. You should apply slight pressure on the hand grip while you press it in direction of the turn you are taking with your motor scooter. If you want to turn right, press right and if you want to go left, then you should press the left hand grip of the motor scooter. If you are riding at more than 5 mph, then lean with the scooter when you are making the turn- do not sit at right angles to the road.


In order to achieve smooth turns on your motor scooter, you have to master the art of smooth cornering. Motor scooters place you at risk of falling if the turns are harsh, so you should be very careful with quick turns. Judge corners by looking ahead and making sure that you see one coming, and then keep track of the vanishing point of the corner so you can turn. If you don't see a turn before you are forced to take it on, step on the rear brake in a gentle manner which will cause the speed to diminish and the rear wheels to turn in towards the corner making it a smooth turn for your motor scooter.


You must strive toward a stable throttle while turning on your motor scooter. In order to do that, it is important that you avoid pulling the clutch while turning as the throttle is turned on. As you keep to the outside whilst turning on the corner, keep the throttle very gentle so that maneuvering is easier. Moving on, as you ride out of the corner, you can speed up the throttle in the direction of a straight line. You should maintain a speed at which you feel comfortable turning your motor scooter.

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