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How to Strap a Motorcycle Helmet

by Chris Gilliland

Although a motorcycle helmet's chin strap appears to be an afterthought rather than a vital safety component, it prevents the helmet from slipping from your head in a crash. While most motorcyclists take the time to properly strap their helmet into place, a new rider may unintentionally leave the chin strap loose to avoid discomfort. Riding with a loose chin strap is a dangerous practice. With some practice, you'll be able strap the helmet into place by feel alone.

Step 1

Place the helmet over your head. Pull the chin straps down to pull the helmet onto your head.

Step 2

Pass the right chin strap under the metal rings on the left chin strap and pull the strap tightly against the base of your chin.

Step 3

Pull the rings apart and loop the strap over the first ring.

Step 4

Pass the strap under the second ring and back to the right of the helmet.

Step 5

Pull the strap to tighten it against the base of your chin.

Fasten the loose end of the strap to the snap button on the base of the left chin strap.


  • Tighten the chin strap enough for the helmet to fit snugly. If the chin strap begins to cause discomfort, loosen it just enough to be comfortable.

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