How to Install a Tow Bar on the Front Bumper Frame

by Ashton Daigle

If you ever have to tow your car for a very long distance, a tow bar on the front end will prove invaluable. There are a number of different types of tow bars, designed for both cars and trucks. Universal fit tow bars can be purchased and used on almost any vehicle.

Step 1

Apply the emergency brake.

Step 2

Align the holes of the tow bar to your vehicle's front frame and mark it with chalk.

Step 3

Drill holes in the front frame where the holes of the tow bar aligned to. Choose a drill bit that will bore a hole wide enough to fit the mounting bolts into.

Step 4

Hold up the tow bar, making sure to align the holes of the tow bar to the holes you drilled in the front frame.

Step 5

Slip the mounting bolts through the frame holes and the holes on the tow bar while holding the tow bar flat against the frame.

Step 6

Place the nuts on the mounting bolts and tighten them firmly with the socket set.

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