How to Disable the Door Locks on a Neon

by Krista Martin

Many Dodge vehicles have the auto lock feature. The auto lock feature is handy because it automatically locks your doors once they are closed. This can be a nuisance if you've got a lot of heavy groceries to transport from your Dodge Neon to your home. Disable the auto lock feature in a few quick steps when you need it. Enable it to ensure that the door lock feature is working when you need it to.

Open the driver door and step into the vehicle. Close all the doors.

Put on your seatbelt to disable the seatbelt chiming. This will help you avoid confusion when programming the auto door lock.

Insert the key into the ignition. Within 15 seconds, turn the ignition switch from the "Off" position to the "On" four times, ending in the "Off" position. Do not start the engine.

Press the "Lock" button on the driver's door within 30 seconds. You'll hear a single chime to confirm that the auto lock feature has been disabled.

Enable the auto lock feature by performing the same steps.

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