How to Change the Battery in My 150CC Vespa Scooter

by Tom Lutzenberger
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Changing your Vespa scooter's battery is one of the easier aspects of scooter maintenance. Batteries do wear out over time, and you should change the battery in your Vespa at least every three years. The replacement process is fairly straightforward and shouldn't take you long, and all you'll need are some basic tools. To facilitate the process, make sure you have the shop where you buy the battery prepare it for installation.

Step 1

Purchase the appropriate replacement battery for your Vespa scooter. Check with the dealer if you are not sure. Ask the dealer to "wet down" and charge the battery for you. This involves adding the battery acid and water.

Step 2

Take the battery home in its box and unpack it where you will work on your scooter. Attach the drain hose to the side of the battery. Put the battery aside. Locate the hardware for the new battery terminals and place it next to the battery.

Step 3

Remove your Vespa scooter's sidepanel from the the left side of the scooter, where the battery sits. Use a socket wrench to remove the spare tire as well for more work space if needed. Detach by hand the retaining strap on the old battery.

Step 4

Use a screwdriver and crescent wrench to disconnect your old battery's red and black wires, starting with the red wire. Remove the battery and place it aside where it won't get kicked over. Be careful not to spill any of the battery acid on your skin or clothes.

Step 5

Pick up the new battery and sit it snugly into the battery holder tray on the scooter. Pull the retaining rubber strap from the bottom tray hook upwards to the top hook to secure the battery. Use a screwdriver and crescent wrench to connect the hardware, terminals and wiring for the new battery, starting with the black wire.

Step 6

Check the fuse next to the battery to confirm that it is not burned out. Put the scooter key in the ignition and turn it to the "On" position without starting the engine. Test your turn signal lights and brake lights. Reinstall the spare tire with the socket wrench. Close up the scooter sidepanel and take the scooter for a test ride.

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