How to Replace the Battery for a Honda Keyless Entry System

by Matthew Fortuna
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You can add keyless entry systems to most Honda vehicles and control them with wireless entry remotes. Sync these electronic remotes from your driver's seat and control the car's features with just the push of a button. If your remote has stopped working, you can replace the battery in the remote yourself in just a few seconds.

Step 1

Run a blade edge (such as a knife or a flat head screwdriver) along the edges of the remote to loosen the top of the case from the bottom.

Step 2

Wedge the blade into one spot on the case and pry the top from the bottom to pop the remote open.

Step 3

Notice the location and angle of the old battery before gently removing it from underneath the small placeholder.

Step 4

Place your new battery in the same spot as the old one and lower the small plastic tab back onto the battery.

Step 5

Gently pop the case back together, and secure the case so it is entirely fastened together.

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