How to Repair Car Alarm Remotes

by Matthew Fortuna
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Car alarms are common accessories on vehicles around the world, and often take advantage of keyless remote capabilities. These systems have a transmitter installed into your car, and you can then sync your remotes to the transmitter in just minutes. If your remote is not working, it is usually the fault of the battery. You can easily replace the battery and reset the programming sequence to be sure that the signal has not been lost, and have your remote ready to use in just minutes.

Step 1

Use a blade to remove the cover of the alarm remote. You can do this by running the blade along the edge of the remote to loosen it, and then wedging the blade in one spot to pop the remote open.

Step 2

Notice the position of the current battery and gently remove it. Place a new battery in the exact location of the old one and put the cases for the remote back together.

Step 3

Enter your car with your remote and ignition key and turn your ignition to the "ACC" position.

Step 4

Press the "Valet" button on your remote, wait for the system to sound a chirp and then press and hold the "Valet" button again.

Step 5

Press the starter button on the remote and then release both buttons. Wait for the system to chirp to indicate that the programming was successful. Your repaired remote will now be ready to use.

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