How to Remove a Battery From a Jeep Liberty

by Gregory Crews

There are several reasons to remove the battery from a Jeep Liberty. You may be replacing the battery for a fresh one. You may be doing maintenance around the fuse block and need the battery removed for easier access. The battery is under the hood and allows for a simple and clean removal. The battery in the Jeep Liberty is similar to most vehicle batteries as it has a side-post terminal. That means that the battery cables both hook to the side of the battery instead of the top.

Remove the Battery

Step 1

Open the hood to access the engine compartment. The battery is midway up the driver's side of the engine compartment.

Step 2

Remove the cap over the positive battery terminal. This will expose the screw that holds the positive terminal in place. The positive terminal is always red and indicated by the plus (+) sign.

Step 3

Loosen the terminal by turning the nut counterclockwise with a small wrench or crescent wrench. The terminal will come off when the nut is backed all the way out.

Step 4

Repeat the same procedure for the negative terminal. The negative terminal is indicated by the minus (-) symbol.

Step 5

Locate the bolt at the rear bottom of the battery. Ratchet the bolt loose with a socket wrench. This will free the battery for removal.

Step 6

Lift the battery out of the engine compartment. Contact a parts store for proper disposal of the battery.

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