How to Change the Battery in a Ford Expedition

by Christian Killian
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If the battery in your Ford is no longer holding a charge or is struggling to start the truck on cold mornings, it may be time for a new battery. Many batteries are maintenance-free and while they can be charged, you really can't do much more than replace them if they start to fail. Most auto parts store have a good array of batteries on hand, and many of these stores can test your old battery to determine if the battery is the problem or something else in your charging system is to blame.

Step 1

Locate the battery under the hood of your Expedition. There is a plastic cover on top of the battery to protect and isolate the battery terminals. Lift the plastic cover off the battery and set is aside.

Step 2

Loosen the retaining bolts on the battery cable connectors with a wrench. Remove the cables from the battery, starting with the negative cable. Remove the positive cable next and lay both cables aside and away from the battery.

Step 3

Remove the bolt on the battery. Hold down clamp with a socket and ratchet. Lift the battery out of the truck and carefully set it aside in a safe place. Make sure it stays upright so no acid spills out.

Step 4

Lower the new battery into the engine compartment, and set it on the battery tray. Install the hold down clamp and secure it with the retaining bolt. Tighten the bolt with a socket and ratchet.

Install the positive battery cable on the positive terminal, then attach the negative cable to the negative terminal. Tighten the retaining bolts on both cables with a wrench.


  • If the battery cable ends are corroded, you can clean them up with a solution of baking soda and water to remove the corrosion.
  • Use a battery terminal brush or small wire brush to remove stubborn corrosion from the cable ends.


  • When removing the battery, do not apply pressure to the outer case of the battery as it may force acid out the vents on top of the battery.
  • Battery acid is extremely corrosive and can ruin clothing, paint and may burn the skin. Be careful when working with batteries and wash off any acid on your skin immediately.

Items you will need

  • Wrench set
  • Socket set

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