How to Catch Car Vandalism With a Camera

by William McCoy
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If a vandal has ever intentionally damaged your car, you know how frustrating the feeling can be. Equally frustrating is not knowing who did the damage, and thus not being able to have any pertinent information to give to the authorities. If your car is a frequent target of vandalism, there are better ways to catch the culprit than peeking through your curtains for hours at a time. By installing a camera aimed at your vehicle, you'll have a digital eye keeping watch.

Step 1

Purchase a video camera that is used for surveillance activities. These cameras are often called spy cameras or nanny cameras and are available online, at electronics stores and even parenting stores. Some cameras record in color, while others record in black and white. If you believe the vandalism is taking place at night, a night-vision spy camera might be an option for you. Depending on your budget, decide which camera is best for you.

Step 2

Park your car in an area that is accessible to a hidden camera. You probably can't do much to protect yourself against vandalism when parked in public areas, but if you park in a driveway, you can set up a camera to catch anything that happens.

Step 3

Install the camera in an inconspicuous area that will ensure your entire car as well as the surrounding area will be caught on film. Common areas to hide the camera include under the eaves of your roof, behind exterior lights and even in trees. The goal is to make the camera as inconspicuous as possible, but it may be a deterrent to vandals to know it's there, too. With so many different cameras on the market, mounting instructions vary. Typically, these cameras are small, and are simply mounted with two or three bolts. Some cameras are wireless, while others will need to be connected via cable.

Step 4

Turn on the camera, and let it run. If the camera has a monitor, place the monitor in a common area of the home so that you can frequently keep an eye on it. Some spy cameras record to a secure web address to enable you to monitor the area wherever you happen to be.

Step 5

Check your car daily to determine if it has been vandalized. If so, locate the part of the video that shows the culprit, back up the file, then take the evidence to the police.

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