How to Buy a Used Camper

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Campers are great to own, but can be expensive when bought new. You can save yourself some money by doing what many other happy campers choose to do--buy a used model. If you do decide to buy a used camper, here are some things to check out before you hand over any cash.

Look for any water damage. Water damage can be expensive to repair and many campers end up being junked because of extensive water damage. To check for water damage, look to see if the ceiling is sagging and if the paneling on the walls is soft.

Let your mechanic check out the camper. Your mechanic can let you know if it is a safe buy after performing a complete systems check.

Make sure all appliances and fixtures work properly. Flush the toilet, run the water in the sink and use the electric.

Find out the state of the generator, air conditioning unit, furnace and water system. The seller should let you know if he has experienced any problems with these features in the past.

Check out the exterior of the camper. You will want something that is structurally sound. Inspect the tires and roof of the vehicle.

Get copies of receipts for any work done on the camper. Frequent mechanical problems may indicate that the camper is not a wise buy.


  • close Avoid campers that are more than five to seven years old. You can run into a lot of mechanical problems with older campers.

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