How to Register a Commercial Vehicle in Illinois

by Rob Kemmett
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Vehicles used for transporting goods or large numbers of passengers, such as semi trucks and buses, are considered commercial vehicles. In the state of Illinois, commercial vehicles must be registered with the state before they are legally allowed to be used on the roadways.

Step 1

Purchase automobile insurance for your commercial vehicle. You must provide proof of insurance before the state of Illinois will authorize your commercial vehicle’s registration.

Step 2

Contact the nearest Secretary of State facility or call 800-252-8980 to request an application for commercial vehicle registration. This form is not available online and must be obtained through a Secretary of State facility. Visit the Illinois Secretary of State facilities website to locate a facility near you (see the Resources section of this article).

Step 3

Visit the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website and review the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 instructions to see if you are required to fill out the form. In the state of Illinois, you must fill out this form if your vehicle weighs more than 55,000 pounds and if it was purchased more than 60 days prior to the date you registered the vehicle. If you are required to pay this tax, fill out the form and send it, along with the required payment, to: Internal Revenue Service, P.O. Box 804525, Cincinnati, OH 45280-4524.

Step 4

Call the Illinois Secretary of State Commercial & Farm Truck Division at 217-785-1800 and choose the “Mileage Registration” option when prompted. Follow the instructions to register your commercial vehicle for the mileage tax registration. The state of Illinois offers reduced tax payments if your commercial vehicle operates within the borders of the state and does not cross borders. Visit the Illinois Secretary of State website to review the Farm & Mileage Tax Registration brochure (see the Resources section of this article).

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