How to Buy a Porsche in Germany

by Luther Blissett
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Since the introduction of the 356 in 1948, few automobile brands have been as celebrated and respected as Porsche. For decades, car enthusiasts have raved about performance icons like the Porsche 911 and dreamed of owning engineering masterpieces like the Porsche 959. While an incredible number of Porsches are exported from Germany to virtually every country in the world, it is still possible to purchase and accept delivery of a Porsche in Germany.

Purchasing a Porsche in Germany

Step 1

Order the Porsche of your choice at any North American Porsche dealer. You will be able to select the delivery date, model and options at this time.

Step 2

Complete the European Delivery Program Car Order Form at your local dealer. You will be able to specify the length of time that you will drive your new Porsche in Germany at this time.

Step 3

Arrange for vehicle payment and receive the Monroney Label to present at the Porsche factory as proof of purchase.

Step 4

Arrive in Germany to complete the purchase of your new Porsche by accepting delivery.

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