How to Break a Bead on a Tire

by Carl Pruit

You're looking for an easy, painfree way to get a tire off the rim. This process, also known as breaking the bead on a tire, can be accomplished in a variety of creative ways. If you do not have access to a tire-mounting machine, like the kind used in tire repair shops, there are other, less strenuous ways to get your tire to come free of the rim. This article will explain how to break a bead on a tire.

How to break a bead on a tire

Step 1

Lay the tire on a solid surface. Position breaker bar between tire and rim. Make sure the tapered edge of breaker bar is pointed toward the tire, not the rim.

Step 2

Hit the top of the breaker bar using a 5-pound hammer, driving it in between the tire and rim. As you are driving the breaker bar in, listen for the sound of a small pop or expulsion of air. Once you hear this, push the breaker bar toward the ground to get a complete break in the bead.

Step 3

Slide the breaker bar about 6 inches around the tire, keeping the end under the rim. Use the 5-pound hammer to break the bead on the tire. Continue moving around the tire until it is completely off the rim.

Step 4

Turn tire over and repeat process for opposite side of tire.

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