How to Replace a Drive Belt on a 1999 Toyota Camry

by Grace Mclain

The front engine accessories on the 1999 Toyota Camry include the power steering pump, the alternator, the water pump and the air conditioner compressor. A single drive belt (also called a serpentine belt) controls these accessories. When the engine is running, the belt is driven around each pulley by the crankshaft. This enables the drive belt to operate all of the accessories at the same time. If the belt is damaged, cracked or frayed, you should change it as soon as possible. If the belt breaks, all of the accessories will stop functioning.

Step 1

Raise the hood on the 1999 Toyota Camry and prop it open. Locate the belt routing diagram that is stamped to the left side of the fan cover. Refer to the diagram when installing the new drive belt.

Step 2

Locate the self-adjusting belt tensioner on the front center of the engine above the crankshaft pulley. The tensioner has a roller pulley attached to the bottom arm of the tensioner. Turn the tensioner from the bolt head that connects the roller pulley to the tensioner arm.

Step 3

Slide the socket and breaker bar onto the pulley bolt head. Turn the breaker bar counter clockwise to move the tensioner. As the tensioner is moving, the belt will become loose. Once the belt is loose enough, slide it off the top of the roller pulley. Allow the tensioner to slowly retract until it stops. Pull the breaker bar and socket off the roller pulley.

Step 4

Remove the belt from each pulley and lift it out of the engine area. Compare the new belt to the old belt to make sure they are the same width and length. The old belt will be a bit longer due to stretching from use.

Step 5

Wrap the new belt around the crankshaft pulley first. Follow the belt routing diagram to position the new belt around the other pulleys. Check the belt and make sure that it is seated properly inside the pulleys.

Step 6

Slide the socket and breaker bar back on the pulley bolt head. Turn the breaker bar counterclockwise until the tensioner stops turning. Slide the belt over the top of the pulley. Release the breaker bar slowly. The roller pulley will tighten the belt to the proper tension as it is retracting against the belt. Pull the socket and breaker bar off the pulley bolt head and out of the engine area.

Step 7

Start the engine of the Camry and let it run for 10 to 15 seconds. This will finish seating the ridges of the belt inside of the grooves of each accessory pulley.

Step 8

Turn the engine off. Recheck the drive belt to make sure that it is still seated properly in the pulleys. Close the hood.

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