How to Change the Fan Belt on a Pajero

by Robert Kohnke
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The Mitsubishi Pajero was also known as the Montero and the Shogun, because of varying translations of Pajero in Spanish and Japanese. The fan belt on a Pajero is essential to running the vehicle. It provides power to the key parts of the engine. If your car is not starting or you hear a whirring sound when you turn the key, check your fan belt. The fan belt is a fairly simple fix.

Step 1

Open the hood of the Pajero, and turn the bolt on the center of the tension pulley with a socket wrench two full rotations. The tension pulley is the pulley directly behind the fan in the upper portion of the front of the engine.

Step 2

Loosen the adjuster bolt on the tension pulley bracket. This bolt is on the left-hand side, situated in a long horizontal groove.

Step 3

Slip the fan belt off of the engine. Draw a diagram of the path of the fan belt if the factory printed sticker diagram is no longer in the front of your engine on your Pajero.

Step 4

Insert the new fan belt, winding it through the various pulleys according to your diagram. Put it on the tensioner pulley last.

Step 5

Place the tension belt tool on the tension pulley bolt and pull until the slack in the belt is gone. When there is no slack, keep the pressure on the pulley, and tighten the adjuster bolt with the wrench. Tighten the lock bolt on the pulley.

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