How to Use a Mini Cooper Tire Jack

by Tim Plaehn
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The Mini Cooper automobile has a tire jack that fits with the name as it is a bit on the mini side. The Mini Cooper spare tire tool kit provides a jack and folding wheel chock to use when changing a tire. The Mini Cooper jack should be used in the way for which it was designed to safely jack up the car.

Step 1

Unfold and place the folding wheel chock under the tire that will not be jacked up in a position to prevent the car from moving.

Step 2

Locate the designated jacking point next to the wheel to be raised. The jacking points are small pads under the outer edge of the car body. They are located behind the front wheels and in front of the rear wheels.

Step 3

Place the Mini Cooper jack under the car at the jacking point. The top of the jack is formed to fit into the shape of the jacking point pad. The bottom of the jack is angled slightly and should be flat on the ground. When properly positioned, the jack will be on an angle up toward the car body.

Step 4

Insert the square end of the jack handle into the jack and turn clockwise to raise the car with the jack or counterclockwise to lower the jack.

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