How to Lift the Front End of a Dodge Ram 1500

by Zyon Silket

If you own a Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck, you'll probably need to lift the front end from time to time. A lot of people place the jack under the A-Arms, but this puts pressure on the bushings and can cause a bolt to break. Others place the jack under the engine block. This can cause an extreme amount of pressure on the engine and could cause the block to crash. One safe way to raise the front end on your Dodge Ram 1500 is to do so is behind the front wheel on the driver's side.

Step 1

Place a jack under the frame just behind the driver's side front wheel. Center the bottle jack supplied with the Dodge Ram under the frame.

Step 2

Jack the driver's side off the ground until you can place a jack stand under the frame just behind the bottle jack. Make sure the front tire is off the ground and you have adequate room to work under the truck.

Step 3

Lower the Dodge Ram onto the jack stand. Double-check to make sure the driver's side tire is off the ground.

Step 4

Repeat the process on the passenger side of the Dodge Ram.

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