How to Jack Up a Town & Country Van

by Tara Kimball

You can never tell when an emergency may happen--such as a flat tire on your Chrysler Town and Country minivan. Understanding how to handle these emergencies is important to your responsibility as a driver. The Chrysler Town and Country van is equipped with a jack; you may find the jack in the back storage compartment of the van. There are jacking points on the van, designed as reinforced areas that can properly support the pressure of the jack and the weight of the vehicle.

Step 1

Park the van on a level surface. Set the parking brake. Open the rear lift gate and locate the compartment built into the rear driver's side of the cargo area. Pull the lever up to open the compartment.

Step 2

Remove the jack from the storage compartment. Select one of the four jacking points--there are four jacking points, one in front of each rear tire, and one directly behind each front tire. Position the jack beneath a jacking point.

Step 3

Insert the jack handle into the slot on the jack and turn it to the right until the van is at the desired height.

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