How to Locate the Holden Astra TS Fuel Filter

by Matt Scheer

General Motors' Australian affiliate Holden marketed the Astra TS, the car's fourth generation, from 1998 to 2005. You must change the fuel filter on this car every 50,000 miles. Replacing the fuel filter ensures that non-fuel particulates do not reach the engine, where they can abrade the engine's components. Like most vehicles, the Holden Astra TS features an in-line fuel filter, meaning the filter is not attached to the fuel pump but to the inlet and outlet fuel tubes. Locating the fuel filter is a simple and straightforward process that should take you less than five minutes.

Step 1

Turn off the Holden Astra TS.

Step 2

Raise the vehicle with a car jack on the driver's side of the vehicle.

Step 3

Slide below the driver's-side rear door. Look for a small, cylindrical canister attached to two fuel tubes; this is the fuel filter.

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