How to Change Fuel Filter on 2004 Saturn Ion

by Matt Scheer

The fuel filter for the 2004 Saturn Ion is placed between the fuel tubes on the underside of the car. No extraneous parts need to be removed to replace the filter, and no special tools are needed to remove it. The fuel filter collects grime from the fuel before it reaches the engine. This grime can build up in the fuel filter cartridge to the point that it obstructs the flow of fuel. Change the filter at least every 30,000 miles.

Step 1

Place the car jack in front of the passenger side rear wheel well on the chassis. Crank up the jack enough to slide the jack stand below the Saturn Ion under the chassis. Lower the Ion onto the jack stand. Place wheel blocks around the opposite wheel.

Step 2

Close off the two hoses attached to the nozzles of the fuel filter with your hose pliers. This action prevents fuel spurting in your face or on your clothes. Set out some paper towels below the filter to catch any fuel that drips out of the hoses when you remove them.

Step 3

Loosen the screw on each hose collar. Wiggle the collars down the hoses. Pull the hoses off of the fuel filter's nozzles.

Step 4

Loosen the strap around the fuel filter with your screwdriver. Pull out the fuel filter.

Step 5

Insert the replacement fuel filter into the strap. Connect the two hoses you removed earlier. Connect the nozzle with the "in" arrow to the inlet hose, the one that comes from the fuel tank. Connect the nozzle with the "out" arrow to the hose heading to the engine. Tighten the collars over the fuel hoses. Tighten the fuel filter strap.

Step 6

Turn the Ion's ignition to the "On" position. Check for any leaks near the fuel filter. Refit the overlapping joints if you notice any leaks. Remove the jack stand, the car jack and the wheel blocks.

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