How Do I Change the Fuel Filter on a Kawasaki Prairie 360?

by Jason Alexander
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A popular midsized 4x4 ATV, the Kawasaki Prairie 360 is designed for both work and play. From hauling debris and other materials to just going on a joyride, the Prairie ATV can take on a variety of different roles. This four wheeler operates on a four-stroke single cylinder engine and has a 3.6 gallon fuel tank. In order to keep your Prairie 360 running at optimum levels, it's worth checking the fuel filter out now and again to improve your gas efficiency.

Step 1

Locate the fuel filter on your Kawasaki Prairie 360 by following the gas line from your gas tank to your carburetor. The fuel filter is rectangular and you will see the fuel hose coming in one end and leaving out the other.

Step 2

Use a ratchet and socket to to loosen the hose fittings keeping the fuel filter in place. Have a plastic bucket beneath you as you loosen the fittings in case any gas leaks out.

Step 3

Remove the old filter and replace it with a new one. Wipe up any gas or contaminants with the shop rag and secure the fittings back in place with your ratchet and socket.

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