How to Install a Fuel Filter on a 1990 Honda Accord

by Grace Mclain

The fuel filter on the 1990 Honda Accord is a two-port canister fuel filter. The main responsibility of the fuel filter is to keep any type of trash or fuel sediments from getting into the engine. The fuel filter prevents this by trapping the sediments inside of the elongated fibers that make up the inner filter. The gas flows through the fibers and to the fuel injectors. As the gas passes through, the sediments are caught and trapped, leaving only the clean gas to flow to the injectors. Change the fuel filter every 65,000 to 75,000 miles.

Step 1

Pull the 1990 Honda Accord into a well ventilated location and shut the engine off. Pull the hood latch to open the hood and raise the hood and secure it with the locking rod.

Step 2

Remove the fuel cap from the fuel tank at the rear of the Accord. This process will prevent gas from spraying when the fuel lines are unscrewed from the fuel filter ports.

Step 3

Move to the engine compartment and locate the fuel filter on the passenger side firewall inside of the engine compartment. The fuel filter is a black canister that looks like a small oil filter. The fuel filter has two fuel lines coming out of the same end.

Step 4

Position the drip pan underneath the Accord in the area of the fuel filter to catch any gas that might drip out of the fuel lines.

Step 5

Remove the two fuel lines from the fuel filter by holding the fuel filter with one hand and unscrewing the fuel line nuts with a metric open-end wrench. Turn the fuel line nuts counter-clockwise to loosen. Finish unscrewing the fuel lines with your fingers.

Step 6

Unscrew the bracket bolt that secures the fuel filter to the firewall with a metric open-end wrench. Then, pull the fuel filter out of the engine bay and place it in the drip pan.

Step 7

Lower the new fuel filter into the engine bay and screw the two fuel lines back onto the fuel filter ports. Then, tighten down the fuel lines with the open-end wrench until tight.

Step 8

Move to the driver side seat and turn the ignition on for about five seconds and turn it back off. Repeat this two more times. This process will fill the new fuel filter with gas and prevent air from getting into the fuel system.

Step 9

Crank the 1990 Honda Accord and inspect the fuel lines and the fuel filter for any leaks while the motor is running.

Step 10

Turn the engine off and close the hood. Remove the drip pan from under the Accord.

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