How to Remove a Fuel Filter for My '97 Chrysler LHS

by Matt Scheer

The 1997 Chrysler LHS requires a fuel filter change every 30,000 miles or as needed. The fuel filter ensures the fuel that reaches the engine is clean by filtering it through a micron screen, which traps contaminants. When this screen gets filled, it may clog, preventing the fuel from reaching the engine. If your Chrysler LHS doesn't start properly or stalls when you're driving, you may have a clogged fuel filter. Buy a new fuel filter at a local auto store or through an online vendor and install it yourself in under twenty minutes.

Step 1

Raise the passenger side of the Chrysler LHS with your car jack. Slide a jack stand near the rear wheel. Rest the body of the LHS on the jack stand for more safety.

Step 2

Close off the inlet fuel tube and the outlet fuel tube to the fuel filter with tube clamps. This action prevents fuel spurting on your when you remove the fuel filter.

Step 3

Place the drainage bin below the fuel filter.

Step 4

Press in on the tabs of the fuel tube collars. Slide the collars down the fuel tubes. Wiggle the outlet tube off of the fuel filter. The outlet tube is the one between the engine and the fuel filter. Wiggle the inlet tube off of the fuel filter. The inlet tube is the one between the fuel filter and the fuel pump. Let the fuel that comes out spill into the drainage bin.

Step 5

Loosen both 8mm bolts on the fuel filter bracket. Slide the fuel filter out of the bracket.

Step 6

Insert the new fuel filter into the bracket. Tighten the two 8mm bolts back down. Connect the two fuel tubes to the inlet and outlet stems of the new fuel filter.

Step 7

Prime the fuel system. Turn the ignition to on several times but do not crank the starter motor. Priming the fuel system forces fuel into the new fuel filter. Check under the Chrysler LHS for any fuel leaks. Adjust the fittings if there are leaks. Lower the LHS to the ground.

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