How to Change the Fuel Filter on a John Deere 620i Gator

by Don Bowman

The fuel filter on a John Deere 620I Gator has no specific time interval for replacement, so it is just good preventative maintenance to replace one every couple of years. If the vehicle is used in dusty climates and fueled in the field, where dust is most likely to enter the fuel tank, the filter should be replaced more often. The 620I Gator uses fuel filter number AM117584. The replacement is a simple job and only takes a few minutes.

Step 1

Locate the fuel filter on the frame under the vehicle -- it can be reached without raising the vehicle.

Step 2

Disconnect the fuel filter by depressing the white tangs on either side of the filter, then pull the fuel line off. The filter has a flare on the inlet and outlet ports. When the fuel line is pushed onto the filter, the flare snaps between the filter and the white tang -- the tang locks the line in place. By pressing on the two tangs on each side of the filter, the flare is released and the line can be pulled off.

Step 3

Remove the bolt that secures the filter to the frame, using a socket.

Step 4

Install the new filter, making sure the arrow depicting the direction of fuel flow is pointing toward the engine. Tighten the bolt firmly.

Step 5

Push both fuel lines on the filter until they snap in place. Give each fuel line a tug to make sure they are seated.

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